Outstanding service from RedBeardSaws down to earth and a real genuine guy. velocity stacks fit perfectly on my 064 and 084, would highly recommend. Great doing business with you all the way from the UK Thanks again

Richard Earp

Nick has been nothing but helpful over the last couple years. He has turned 3 of my saws 543xp, 550xp mkII, and a 572xp into animals, and he has many more headed his way! I have run his stacks on my 543 (modified to fit) , 372xpw, and a OE 550xp with zero issues. Really helped improve the air flow, and cleaner air for the 550. I really noticed the stack difference when it came to the 372! Keep up the honest work Stoeckel Stacks and Red Beard Saws!

Shawn Bennett

Nick provides a quality product with an amazing customer service attitude!Highly recommended

Brennen Miller


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